Sunday, August 13, 2017

Defy the Stars

Hey, remember that review of Hourglass not too many days ago? Well, I told you I read a lot of Claudia Gray books, and this one is unique in that I received an ARC for it through the Young to Publishing Group that has events and networking and booklists for those younger people who work in the publishing industry. It's pretty cool, and if you're someone who works in publishing who isn't signed up for the newsletter, I'd totally recommend it. Anywho, Defy the Stars is the latest Claudia Gray book I've read and, as a preview, it shot right up there to be one of my favorites of hers.

Retrieved from Goodrerads
Noemi is a pilot sworn to protect her planet Genesis. She will die to protect her people from the onslaught of mechs--robots who are sent to war in the place of people. Abel is the most advanced mech of all, but he's been stranded on an abandoned spacecraft for years, waiting for his creator to return to him. When the two meet, Noemi and Abel must put aside their prejudices to work together to get what they want.

Yay! A robot with suspicious levels of humanity? Earth as the bad planet? Planets with distinct cultures and some funny banter about humans? Yes please, sign me up! Abel's voice is hilarious, and I loved his burgeoning humanity and inability to understand sarcasm at first. Noemi is a bit more of a struggle, as she is the war-weary hero out to save her planet (why is it that these characters are inevitably less interesting?). But the two of them together become quite the team, and the slow build of the maybe possibly romance between the two is sweet. And when Abel does meet his creator, instantly every alarm started going off in my head, that's how sad and creepy it was. I had to dock the book a star because the cast of secondary characters didn't interest me all that much, and I guessed the twist from chapter two or something. Now, that's not to say it was poorly written. I think it was just a little obvious of a route to go. But I will absolutely be reading book two.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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