Friday, June 2, 2017

The Last Star

So, while this year's Summer Reading Project has already kicked off, I had a couple more reviews in the pipeline from two weeks of really intense reading. This summer is shaping up to be another SRP focused on finishing a bunch of series. So it's rather appropriate that this review is of the last book in the 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey.

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Planet Earth only has a few days left before the Others launch bombs to decimate its cities and send the human population back to the neolithic age. Cassie, Evan Walker, Ringer, Zombie, and Sam are all fighting for survival while Vosch searches for them--Ringer, because he made her in his image, and Walker because he overcame the 12th system that made him believe he was an alien. They may be humanity's last chance at survival, but first they must survive themselves.

Eh. I've had issues with this series from the start. But what pulled it all through was the tone that Yancey was able to convey. There was a layer of fear and mistrust over every interaction that made it really spooky. And that was mostly missing here. The only things that got a reaction out of me were the mentions of museums being destroyed and that no one would ever go to Disneyland again. But that's because I'm a huge history and Disney nerd. Other than that...this book fell flat for me. Cassie has some painfully awkward scenes with Walker that I think were supposed to sound sexy. The rest of the time she is whiny and rather slut shame-y. Walker is boring as hell. Zombie and Ringer are slightly better, but I wasn't really interested in where their stories were going. I found myself skimming the last 50 pages or so because I was so bored. And this is not a very long book. And the ending did not do anything for me. I was not afraid for any of the characters, and did not care if they lived or died. And when I don't care after three books, something is wrong.

Goodreads Rating: 2 Stars
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