Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Enchanter Heir

It's no secret that I prefer Chima's Seven Realms series to her Heir Chronicles. I've got my paperback copy of Flamecaster all pre-ordered and if the reviews I've seen are any indication, I'm going to keep loving it. Now, I nearly stopped reading the Heir Chronicles after the Dragon Heir. But I figured, hey, I'm committed to this author and I want to keep going. So I picked up The Enchanter Heir to see where the story went after it supposedly finished in The Dragon Heir.

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Jonah can kill with a touch, something he discovered during the Thorn Hill Massacre that claimed the lives of his parents and baby sister. Emma grew up with her grandfather, making guitars and not knowing how she narrowly escaped the same disaster.  But now, members of the mainline guilds are turning up dead, and all eyes are pointing to Nightshade, an organization built from the leftover members of Thorn Hill. Was it really a peaceful commune, or a hotbed of experimentation on those whose powers did not fall within the guilds?

As usual, Chima's strengths come from poking fun at the existing characters from past books. Jonah is not part of the Trinity Weir community. His abilities fall outside the scope of the guilds and that makes pretty much everyone look at him with either pity or revulsion for essentially no reason. Like, it's all magic, guys, get over the fact that he doesn't have a stone in his chest. And Jonah gets that. And the story pokes at the others who don't. As usual, it's fun to see Ellen and Jack who are still my favorite of the original characters. I love Chima's dialogue about treaties and laws because it's fun to see the loopholes and logic flaws and corners that everyone gets backed into. It was also one of my favorite parts about the Seven Realms series. I enjoyed Jonah's storyline a bit less than Emma's. The guitar business and having to bounce around family and finding out more about her background was more enjoyable than Jonah's angst about killing with a touch. Though the scene where the meet and the inevitable happens was a very cool read. All in all, a decent chapter in this series, but I still have the issue of a plodding plot and characters who for the most part have pretty flat dialogue/plots. But, only The Sorcerer Heir left and then in a month I can coo over my copy of Flamecaster. Chima is still an author I really enjoy reading, but I have clear favorites when it comes to her series.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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