Saturday, December 3, 2016

Until I Die

For some reason I thought I'd already reviewed this book, but I guess I read After the End before trying my hand at the second book in the Revenants series. Disclaimer: Paranormal has never been a genre I've lived and breathed. I generally prefer my high fantasy novels or an engaging sci-fi. So you should take my reviews of paranormal books with a grain of salt.

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Kate and Vincent are together and the city of Paris is safe. But now that they have conquered the bad guys, there are questions that need to be answered. How will Kate and Vincent be together if he can't control his compulsion to die to save other? Would it be better for them to stay apart since Vincent will not die? But Paris might not be so safe after all, and the threat may be closer to the revenants than they expect.

Meh. I just can't get behind Kate and Vincent's relationship. It's insta-love-y and much to sappy for my tastes. But then again, I'm not a particularly sappy version. I despise being called things like "dear" or "honey" *shudder* so gazing longingly into someone's eyes every couple chapters wears on my nerves quickly. Also, this book didn't really feel like it had a cohesive plot, but rather episodes of things happening that were stitched together. There were, however, elements that I enjoyed. I liked coded messages through the meanings of flowers (I'm going to have to try that) and the details of Paris made me long to return. It's been far too long. And I will admit, Plum was very brave to end the book the way she did. If there hadn't been that awesome twist (which I honestly didn't believe was real until I read the novella that comes after it) I might not have put the third book in my to-read pile. But as it stands, I will be finishing this series so I can see how Kate deals with the fallout from Until I Die.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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