Saturday, December 3, 2016


Round two of catching up with my blog posts commences! After the faux dystopia of After the End by Amy Plum, I dove into a true dystopian novel about walking-dead child soldiers. Because I like cheery topics, you know!

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Sometimes when people die, they don't stay dead. Sometimes they wake up. Wren was dead for 178 minutes, and that makes her the deadliest, least human Reboot in the Republic of Texas. It is her job to train new Reboots, and she usually picks the highest numbers as they're most likely to survive the job of policing the towns for vagrants. But when she's goaded into picking a 22, things start to change. Callum is almost completely human, and he questions all the traditions and rules of being a Reboot. At the same time, the middle numbers are starting to show disturbing symptoms after being experimented on. Wren has spent her entire second life ruthlessly following the rules. Now she can't help but question them.

Hm. An intruiging concept, I must admit. It was interesting to see all the surveillance the Reboots were under from the government and people because if they wanted to they could wipe out hundreds so easily. it fair? Yes and no. And I like that ambiguity in my books. Because some of the Reboots are psychotic and really don't care about killing. And some are just kids who are terrified and have been ripped from their parents at a young age. So kudos to Tintera for examining that dynamic. But on the other side, I got bored during the fight scenes and the romance just didn't grab me like I think it was supposed to. 22 was a nice softening personality for cold Wren, but their romance also developed quite quickly. I'm not completely invested in the rebel movement that's trying to save Reboots. But if it explores more of the dynamic I mentioned above I think I will enjoy the second book a lot!

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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