Saturday, December 3, 2016

After the End

I sort of accidentally started reading two of Amy Plum's series. If you've visited here before, you might know of my opinion on the Revenants series. And before I get into how I feel about this semi-dystopian series, I'll apologize for falling off the grid again. What with work which took me out of town, NaNoWriMo, and trying to maintain some semblence of the social life, I just didn't have any time to work on my reviews. Or read, really, which is a shame because there are so many pretty books waiting on my shelf at the moment. But anyways...

Retrieved from Goodreads
Juneau is one of the last surviving members of the human race after it was ravaged by World War III. She has been trained from a young age to connect with the Yara, the earth's energy. But when tragedy strikes her village, and she ventures out to find them, she discovers that the world has gone out without her. A world she thought had been destroyed long ago.

So the first couple chapters of this book read like a really confusing dystopian fantasy novel. There's lots of capitalized general terms for things, characters who remind the MC of their childhood, and an MC who is being trained for a leadership role in a weird little village in the middle of nowhere that apparently gets threatened by bandits. If the book had continued that way, I would have put it down. But no! Actually Juneau was unknowingly part of a cult that isolated themselves in the Alaskan wilderness and the world was never destroyed! So this girl with amazing wilderness skills and an intense sense of practicality has to navigate a modern world with stuff like...the internet. There's a romance and people chasing after her because she has magic and stuff, but that's not what made me like this book more than I expected. It was the fact that Juneau is so incredibly capable. I nearly teared up when she had to give up her dogs. And the way she cuts down a scummy pawn broker was excellent. And she manages to elude modern people using her skills, and she adapts to the modern world in her own way. It was awesome. On the downside the magic is weird and the romance, while eventually making sense to me, mostly shoehorned in a plot point that I felt wasn't totally necessary (thought it was fun to watch him freak out when she starts using magic). And those first few chapters are an awkward read. So I have to take the rating down a bit. Overall though, I engaged with this story more than Plum's Revenants series!

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars (more like 3.5)
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