Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tiny Pretty Things

Round two of catching up on my reviews! I was a gymnast for six years. I was nothing special, at all. I took lessons and did the yearly exhibition thing, and then I did a year of it in high school before a badly broken ankle ended my season. This actually turned out for the best because it inspired my short-lived book Balancing Act which dealt with the high school gymnastics world. All this to say, reading a book about the realities of the world of ballet really excited me.

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Gigi, Bette, and June are students at a prestigious ballet school in New York. They compete for everything in a world that says they need to be a single body type. Every year only a select few high-level students are awarded lead roles in the ballets and then possible a role in a company. They all love ballet with a fierceness, even as it ravages their lives. As these girls compete for the top spots, rivalries form, secrets are revealed, and lives torn apart.

I'm of two minds with this book. Firstly, I love all the bits where they discuss the realities of the ballet. How a ballerina's feet actually look, how you have to starve yourself to be the classic ballet body type, the inherent racism in the system. All awesome things to focus on. I loved how each character struggled with something different. How they were still teenagers even though they also had to be adults. I will absolutely be reading the sequel. But there were a couple downsides. 1) No adults anywhere basically and they seemed to have no power. And 2) I wanted more showing, less telling about the characters' personalities. Gigi seemed to scream a lot more than a regular person too, but I'll give that one a pass considering all the stuff that happened to her. This book reminded me a bit of Anna Godbersen's Luxe series in the way the story was told, and I am a-okay with that! Overall, a very enjoyable (though sad) story that left me in suspense of what happens next!

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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