Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Revenge of Seven

After the beauty and fun that was A Study in Charlotte, perhaps it was inevitable that the next book be a lemon. But here I am anyway, having read it. The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore, the fifth book in a seven book series.

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Five has betrayed them, Eight is dead, and the Garde are scattering for different missions again. Sarah goes off somewhere to find out about a website that's publishing the truth about Mogadorians and the Loric, some other people go attack a Mogadorian community, and some other people try to retrieve Eight's body. And one of them (I think Ella) ends up in space with the Mogadorians.

Okay, I did not try at all with that description, and that's because I have no idea why I'm still reading this series. Seriously, I think my compulsion to finish reading series is causing a misfiring in my brain and making me buy these books. Actually, I am interested to see how this series will wrap up. There are SO many characters that I want to know what happens to them. But it can be very tiresome getting there. In fact, it felt sort of like the majority of this book was just footwork to get to the last few chapters. For instance, I have no idea who each of the characters is anymore, except for maybe Nine and John. And that's because everyone has the exact same voice. Who's Marina? No idea. So the individual stories I don't particularly care about anymore. Even the Mogadorian turned good wasn't that interesting, even though there was an attempt at backstory with a dispassionate father that gets killed before he makes an impression. I won't go on about this book because I really hate giving bad ratings, I really do. I will say though, that the reason this book isn't getting one star is because of the ending. THAT was cool. If the last two books are more like the last few chapters of this one, I would be a happy happy camper. So have two stars, book, because that was a really cool ending.

Goodreads Rating: 2 Stars
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