Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Naturals

Well...I'm super behind on my reviews. Like, incredibly. I've been on a reading binge, and in addition to working full-time and trying to have a social life (moderately successful), I just haven't found the time to review all the books. But now I'll give it a go! I read The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes in early October...well, listened to it on audiobook while I put together a puzzle, but same thing.

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Seventeen-year-old Cassie has always had a knack for reading people. But it isn't until the FBI shows up that she realizes what she has in an insane natural ability, one that other people share with her. She goes into a special training program to learn how to assist in cold cases. Her fellow "students" seem great, but they definitely have secrets they aren't sharing. But when dead bodies start showing up around town, ones that start sharing an eerie resemblance with Cassie's mother's unsolved murder, Cassie is pulled into a situation she  might not get out of with her life.

I really enjoyed this book! I watch a few crime procedurals (White Collar, Castle, Sherlock) and profiling is fascinating to me. So Cassie's ability to get into the victim's head and her friend's ability to get into the killer's head was really cool and legitimately freaked me out on a few occasions. There was a really great enhanced-ability game of truth or dare. A very fun read. And the murder mystery with the bodies showing up was really creepy. On the downside, there was a romance I didn't care about, though that might change as I read the next few books. And I didn't feel like I learned a whole lot about Cassie outside her abilities and her trauma around her mother's death. But overall, a very enjoyable listen, and I'll be reading the sequel!

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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