Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Midnight Star

Continuing the catching up on reviews with the final installment of the Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu. I fell in love with Lu's writing with Legend, and the love did not stop with her new anti-heroine story following Adelina. I've actually had the good fortune of seeing Marie Lu twice at signings, and she's such a nice person, it's hard to believe she comes up with such twisted characters as she does in this series. Onward!

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Adelina is a empress, but she still doesn't have what she wants. Her sister has betrayed her along with her friends. All she has left is Maggiano, her trickster who seems like the only person to understand her heart. He helps quiet the voices that torment her more and more frequently. When Adelina must accept the consequences of the Young Elites' powers, she joins an uneasy alliance to find a cure. But finding a cure could mean losing everything she holds dear. Her sister. Her power. Herself.

If anything, I wanted this book to be longer. The twist that was revealed at the end of The Rose Society was so intriguing, I wanted to know more. Adelina is slowing going mad. Every one of the Young Elites is getting ill. I wanted more origin story for the powers. More Maggiano, more of Adelina's sister. More banter between all of the Elites as they try to find a cure. More insane Teren. Not that I was disappointed in this book. Adelina is a good antihero. She slowly starts to see the world with softer sides, and even though she hesitates, she is given a chance to redeem herself. But what made this book for me was the ending. I am a student of history, and if there's one thing all those classes told me, is that there is no such this as objectivity. Was Adelina a monster or a hero? It depends on who tells the story. And I love that Lu gets that and shows it was such subtelty. I'll definitely read her next series, whatever that is.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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