Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ice Like Fire

Okay, I'm on a roll tonight! I'm pretty tired though, so this review will probably be shorter than the one for Falling Kingdoms. Oh, I just thought of something potentially interesting to say in my little intro paragraph-y thing! Since all of my stuff is being shipped to my new home, I've been relying solely on kindle books for several weeks now. It's really different for me, reading nearly entirely on a device, though it has allowed me to make a bit of a dent in the huge pile of kindle books that have gone unread so far. But anyways, last week I read Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch, the second book in the Snow Like Ashes trilogy, a fantasy series.

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Winter is free from Spring's control, but the effects linger on. The people are suffering, but everyone is trying to hide it. But Winter might not be as free as Meira and the other Winterians hoped. They're indebted to Cordell for their help in freeing the country, and the king wants the source of magic that supposedly resides in the mountains. When it's discovered, Meira and her friends set out to find the keys to unlock the magic, though she has a different goal than the rest. She wants to keep the magic from being used, for she doesn't truly believe that Angra is gone, or that magic will be used purely for good.

Eh. I enjoyed Snow Like Ashes, though it didn't rise to the top of my list for the year. And this book...was a middle book. I feel like that's happening to me a lot lately. Meira and Mather's perspectives repeated a lot of the same poignant-but-only-the-first-three-times-it's-said things and slowly made progress toward their goals. Meira worries about being a queen, Mather worries about Winter, and everyone talks in broad strokes instead of personal intricacies. There was one character I really liked, who saved this book from getting a two-star review. Ceridwen, though her name confuses the hell out of me, was awesome. When it got to the end of the book I found myself wishing she was the main character, not Meira. She's got turmoil, she's tough as nails, she understands political intrigue, and she's got a bad home life. I'm really hoping she plays a big part in the next book, perhaps as a replacement POV for Mather. Please?

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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