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Okay, I'm insanely insanely late on this review. But in all fairness I have had one of the busiest months of my life. I won't go into it all, but suffice it to say I've barely had time to read at all, let alone sit down and write a review of those books. In fact I think in the last month I've only read two books basically. And that just It's hard to believe that's the case. I'm trying to do better now, especially since a ton of books I'm incredibly excited for came out. But I'll get into that later!

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Mila is on the run again, from herself and General Holland. She still doesn't know what the endgame of her creation was, or how to live with the things she's done when technically she doesn't live at all. She hates the pain she caused her first love, Hunter, and wants to protect him and the world at all costs. She just doesn't understand what she's trying to protect them from.

This review isn't going to be the most in-depth because it's been a while since I actually read the book. But I'll do my best. As always, I enjoyed the little things that Mila's technology picked up. There's a scene with a bear that is just really cool because it shows the flaws in having human sensibilities and desires paired with uncaring technology that is based solely on facts. I also enjoyed Mila's relationship with Lucas. She needed someone who saw her for who she was and liked her for herself. It really showed how immature her relationship with Hunter was. Downsides: General Holland never really evolved past the villain he was in book one. And honestly I thought book one Holland was a lot creepier. Plus the infiltration of a school campus to discover what happened to Sarah AKA Mila's brain donor was hit and miss for me. It definitely got my heart going in certain scenes and others felt liked they dragged. And the ending killed it for me. It was just...sad. While objectively I felt like it was a well written last scene I didn't agree with how it went down. How Holland, after killing his way across the country to get to Mila, would just give up. Why Mila would decide that the best way to solve all the problems was to get in the chopper. It wasn't a sacrifice, it was negating the sacrifices of her mom and everyone else who died for her. I was disappointed. Overall, a hit-and-miss book for me, but I was still sad the series was over. That tech was awesome.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars (maybe more like 2.5. I don't know)
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