Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bramblestar's Storm

When I was a kid I fell in love with the Warriors books. I luckily got into them when there were already a couple series out. I devoured them. And then I stopped. My favorite character was gone and I was ready to move on from them. Until a wave of  nostalgia got to me about a month ago. I started reading a bunch of the novellas. I put holds on books at the library. I wanted to know what had happened to the characters I had left behind oh so many years ago. This is the first of many Warriors books I'll be reading this summer, so prepare yourselves.

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The Great Battle is over, but its repercussions are still being felt all around the lake. Thunderclan lost so many great cats, including its longtime leader Firestar. His deputy, Bramblestar, must take over in a time of healing and new turmoil. The clans used to be united against the Dark Forest, but those bonds seem to be breaking quickly with the threat gone. And then there are forces that can't be prepared for. When a storm comes to the lake, Bramblestar must use all his skills to save not just Thunderclan, but every clan.

Super editions are always tough in a series which revels in slowly pulling its plots out over four or five books. It's self contained, it feels very quick. And there are some more successful than others. Yellowfang's Secret is a good example. It goes into the past rather than serves as a between-series placeholder. I was very interested to see how this book went, as its the first book in the series to take place after Firestar's death, a character who has been around since book one when he was Rusty, a kittypet who didn't even know about feral cats. It was his death that made me realize I was done with the series. Because how could I go on if there was no Firestar? I reveled in seeing all my old friends, in slipping into this intricate world of alliances and betrayal and natural disasters and prophecies. I ached for Dustpelt as he mourned the loss of Ferncloud. But this book lacked...heart. I wanted longer descriptions about how Bramblestar wasn't sure he could take over after his leader's death. I wanted Squirrelflight to share long, sad glances with him because their adopted kit had died but they were no longer together. I wanted...more. I cried when Firestar died, and I wanted this book to mourn with me. And it did...for a little. There is a death that is so glossed over it angered me. And scenes that were so dragged out it annoyed me. And then there's a scene in a twoleg den that made me laugh. This book wasn't perfect. But it was a nice way to put myself back in the world of the clans.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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