Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Court of Mist and Fury

I adore Sarah J. Maas. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that she's writing two series simultaneously because it was torture to wait a year to dive back into her worlds. I was a little hesitant to pick up A Court of Thorns and Roses. I like my retellings but I wasn't positive this one would be for me. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. I loved it. It wasn't perfect, but hey, no book is. So when I got A Court of Mist and Fury I was delighted to see how thick it was, while also being nervous to start reading it. What if it wasn't as good?

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Amarantha is dead. But her death and the things she made Feyre do Under the Mountain broke her, maybe beyond repair. As Feyre tries to hold together the scraps of her life, new powers surge under her skin. Powers that Tamlin wants to quash so their enemies won't hunt them. Evil greater than Amarantha is on the horizon, and then there's the problem closer to home. Rhysand owns one week of every month of Feyre's life, and he's coming to collect on their deal.

There's so much more I want to write up there, but I don't want to reveal anything too important. Because there's so much that happens in this book, even if it takes its time with some things. Like developing the relationship between Feyre and Rhysand beyond what happened Under the Mountain. Like showing Feyre's PTSD around what she was forced to do. Like showing her healing in unexpected ways and bantering with awesome new characters. I will admit that this book takes a long time to get to the climax. But I didn't care. Because I loved Feyre and Rhysand and how beautifully Maas writes. There's a scene in a cottage that felt out of place for a while, but even at the time it had my heart racing and then my gorge bobbing. And there are steamy scenes and other nice things. One thing I really appreciated was the reappearance of Feyre's sisters, Nesta and Elain. So different, yet they leap right off the page whenever they enter the room. But, guys...guys. You know what broke my heart and made me angry and happy and all the things? The climax. THAT is how you do a climax. It wasn't a cliffhanger but it made me want to shriek for the next book because it was that good, because so much happened. Because it made me want to growl and cry at the same time. Damn it, Maas, I thought I was getting used to your books but you got me again. Nicely done.

Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars
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