Saturday, April 16, 2016

Reasons I Love Wyatt Enslow

It's been a few months since I read Catalyst, the final book in the Insignia trilogy. Today I want to take a little trip down memory lane with you guys and talk about Wyatt Enslow, a main character in the series. She is the best programmer in the Spire, and close friends with Tom and the gang. I won't tell you more, because the very base of her character is why I love her so much.

  • She's awkward. It might be hard to believe (/s), but once upon a time I was a very awkward individual. I could not wrap my mind around social situations. Every time I had a conversation with someone they would get this *look* that told me I was doing something weird or wrong. Over the years that changed, but I still remember those days. Wyatt is that kind of awkward. She has a hard time expressing what she feels, but has no trouble saying what she thinks. It's so relatable to me because she's not silent because of it. She still talks. And I think that personality type is underrepresented in books.
  • She has crushes. So slight spoiler, she crushed on Tom for a while, and ended up dating Yuri while still having a little bit of feelings for Tom. She even had some suspiciously tense banter with one of the other guys in the gang. And that's fine. She isn't slut-shamed for it, it isn't the only aspect of her character, she is still a good person. And she doesn't fall in love with the first guy that smolders at her and love him for all eternity. Sorry, but that Mary Sue trait bugs me a lot.
  • She's hella smart. Like, ridiculously smart. She's better than everyone else at programming. And it doesn't go to her head. She's proud, yeah, but she's also just good at it. She will help other people with their code and also whip out a virus that messes with them. I like that she's the best at it without being portrayed as arrogant or completely ignorant of how special she is.
  • She's loyal. This pops up a lot in my posts, I know, but seriously, loyalty that isn't blind is so awesome in a character. She is loyal to her friends even after they've done bad stuff. She doesn't let them get away with it, but she also doesn't ditch them as soon as the going gets tough.
So yeah! Those are my thoughts on Wyatt. I can't wait for S. J. Kincaid to write something new because she writes very believable characters with poignant and yet funny stories.

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