Monday, April 11, 2016

Reasons I Love Adelina Amouteru

I realized a little while ago that it's been a long time since I did one of these posts! For those of you just joining us now, these "Reasons I Love" posts are about characters both main and minor that I have enjoyed in the course of reading. Today I would like to highlight Adelina Amouteru, the anti-heroine of The Young Elites series by Marie Lu.

I instantly loved Lu's first series, Legend. I adored how June Iparis noticed the tiny details around her, how her relationship with Day evolved over the books without seeming forced. So when The Young Elites came out, I knew I had to snap up a copy. Adelina is a Young Elite, scarred for life by a virus that left some of the world with special powers. They are revered in some cultures and hunted in others. And Adelina is one of the ones you aren't so sure shouldn't be put down. Her story is heartbreaking. And this is why I love her:

  • She is awful. I mean it. She's a terrible person if you look at it objectively. She killed her father. Her actions led to the murder of a prince. She feels power in the face of other people's fear. But at the same time she is so damn lonely. You understand why she is awful. Her world made her that way. Some people turn into diamonds under pressure and horrific life circumstances, and some people crumble. Adelina crumbled.
  • She is loyal. Now, this may seem weird to those of you who have read The Young Elites, but hear me out. Adelina is loyal to people who treat her well. The problem is that almost no one treats her well. When she is used, she is hurt. When people push her down and say it's for her own good, she retaliates. But until then, she really tries to mold herself into who others want her to be. And it destroyed her.
  • She loves her sister. Trust issues are really big in this series. Adelina never knows who to trust, so she trusts no one until she does, and then it proves to hurt her all over again. The one person she was able to forgive is her sister who was their father's Golden Child. She hated her sister growing her. She was weak and perfect and everything Adelina wished she could be. But then she came to understand that her sister was living in just a different kind of hell, and their bond strengthened and solidified, and Adelina loved her fiercely.
  • She's powerful. Oh yeah, there's no denying it. Adelina has some serious power and she's creative with it. At first I wasn't sure how being able to create visions could make her a power player in a rebellion, but boy does she know what to do with it. She can make people think their worst nightmares are happening right in front of them. She can craft a mask and shed it just as quickly. Terrifying? Yes. Badass? Also yes.
I'll try to do some more of these in the upcoming weeks. I've been feeling pretty wiped from work so I haven't been reading as much, but I'll try to supplement with other things. Have a great week, internet!

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