Thursday, March 24, 2016

The 5th Wave

There are wasps living in the eves above my stairwell. Now, I'm terrified of bees. I've never been stung, I have no idea if I'm allergic, and I really don't care to find out. But it's put me in the strange situation of having to gird myself every time I walk out the door when it's sunny. I have to force myself to believe that everything will be fine, that the dozen wasps resting just a few feet above my head are *not* going to swoop down and sting me because I've entered their territory. So, as a result, I've been trying to consolidate trips out of the house until they get sprayed so I don't have to walk by the swarming death. This means more time for reading!

Retrieved from Goodreads
Four waves have come and gone. They knocked out the electronics. They sent a plague. They caused a tsunami. Humanity is decimated and they have no idea who their attackers are. Just that they exist. And they seem to be inside us. Cassie has lost everything and everyone. All she has left is a promise to keep: find her brother. She can't trust anyone, but she can't go it alone. Meanwhile, Ben Parish was unlucky enough to survive the plague. Now he's been hollowed out and given a purpose. He'll destroy the aliens and take back the Earth. Of course, all is not as it seems.

Huh. This book really divided me. It's supremely easy to read, and it had some beautiful passages and thoughts about trust and fear. Cassie was great for the first third of the book, and I was so sad for Evan. Little details like the Crucifix Soldier and how Evan ran away added nice background to a fast-paced story. I dove into this book and read it really quickly. It wasn't until I was finished that things started to bug me. Like...the insta-love. There's a really interesting element with Evan that I won't spoil that could have been great! If it had been fleshed out more, given more nuance. We don't end up seeing into Evan's head beyond one chapter and I just...wanted more. There were some really cruddy insta-love and gender cliches in here which, now that I've taken a step back and noticed them, bug the hell out of me. And I guessed the twists pretty easily. I don't mind when this happens. It's a byproduct of reading a lot. But it would have been nice if it was harder to guess. This is a 400+ page book and not much happens to be honest. I'm still going to read The Infinite Sea because at the end of it, this book was very readable and I'm hoping for more character development. Such a mixed bag on this one, though.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars (More like 3.5)
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