Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book #6!

Okay, this is way way way overdue. But this year for NaNoWriMo I wrote my sixth book. The title? Masque. The story? A retelling of Cinderella with an assassination plot on the night of the ball. I'd had the idea for this book since the beginning of summer, and I'd doodled a few ideas about characters. Mostly I was excited to be writing something that was purely for fun, especially after my grueling last year of college where I had to complete research papers and very serious short stories.

I didn't write all of this book during November. Actually, after NaNoWriMo ended, I put it down for a month before picking it up. But when I did, I put on the final 16k words and then slept for about a week.

You are all familiar with my tale of publishing woe and how it affected me. One thing that has been really hard since that fateful day in 2014 is finding fun in writing. I didn't stop writing for pleasure after Entranced Publishing closed its doors and Balancing Act came off shelves. But it was really hard to regain that sense of happiness as I wrote. While I wrote Poison Ivy, I channeled a lot of my unhappiness into the twisted relationship Ivy had with her family. I made her bitter and afraid, and in many ways it mirrored how I felt.

Publishing had been my dream for so long I don't even remember when it started. And I achieved it just to have it stripped away.

When I finished writing Poison Ivy, I felt accomplished. It was the longest book I'd ever written, excepting the first draft of my first book which was wildly verbose. But I still hadn't had that sense of fun.

I wrote Maque for fun. I wanted to write about beautiful, intricate dresses and masks, and friendship between unlikely souls, and oppulent palaces. I have no intention of ever sending Masque around to agents. It has plot holes the size of Texas, and it's incredibly unpolished. But by darn, did I have fun writing it.

I'm now writing my seventh book, titled Spiral. It was originally supposed to be the final book in the series that started with Balancing Act. But it's evolved into so much more. I'm taking my time writing it. I'm only at 20,000 words right now, but each one has been carefully chosen. I'm doing research, I'm writing when I'm inspired to, I'm taking the time to figure out how to work through difficult scenes instead of barreling through them like I would if it were a NaNo novel.

Guess what, guys? Writing is fun again!

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