Friday, February 26, 2016

The Rose Society

Wow, this review is a looong time in coming. I got this book back in October, and even went to a book signing with it! I don't know why, but when I started reading it, I wasn't grabbed and I was rather busy, so I put it down and read other things for a few months. But yesterday I was recovering from a minor bout of food poisoning by staying on the couch and doodling in my adult coloring book, so I polished it off. Legend was one of my favorite series of the last few years. I loved the rich detail June was able to notice without seeming unlikely, and her dynamic with Day seemed very natural. When I picked up The Young Elites it was a bit jarring to go from the stark world of Legend to the opulence of this new series.

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Adelina has been cast from the Daggers and she wants revenge on those who have wronged her. With the help of her sister, she searches out fellow Elites who want revenge on the Inquisition Axis and her former allies. Meanwhile, the Daggers plan to take down the queen. To do that, they need allies. Gifted allies. They travel to Beldain, where the new queen is an Elite herself. They hope her power and armies will secure them their rights. But her plans are much darker, and could change the world itself.

This book is so gut-wrenchingly sad. You spend most of the book inside the head of a girl who you wish would be a heroine, but isn't. As the book progresses, Adelina sinks further into villainy, and it made me so sad. The world has wronged her, and she is lashing out as her only way of coping without falling apart. Her powers poison her. It's tragic. The world is very oppulent, and I enjoyed reading about the Night King's court. I thought that whole part about her trying to win over the mercenaries felt sort of...contrived, but considering all the books where I've read about mercenaries, this is the first time I've seen the main character actually like them. I really enjoyed seeing things from Teren's POV. He is so twisted and obsessed and self-loathing. I'm interested to see what this character's climax will be. There were some times when I felt parts of the action weren't fully explained, and the final battle left me a little confused as to what was going on. But any misgivings I had about this book were swept away by the last scene. Oh my word, it was so. sad. It painted a great picture. Can't wait for the finale!

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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