Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mortal Heart

I am seriously behind on my reading. I have no recourse for this. I've been tired from work, and decided to binge-watch How I Met Your Mother, including the last season (which I despised the first time I saw it). This means that it took me several weeks to read Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers, the last book in the His Fair Assassins trilogy. It even took me more than a day to write this blog post! But, to be fair, I got caught up in reading The Rose Society by Marie Lu, which will be my next post.

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Annith has trained her whole life to be a handmaiden of Death. She wants nothing more than to be sent from the convent walls to do her bidding. But the abbess has other plans, plans that would trap her within the walls of the convent forever. War between Brittany and France is on the horizon, and Annith's sisters are in the middle of it. She wants to serve her god, help her friends, prove her worth. To do so she'll have to do something she's never done before: disobey the convent's wishes.

I'm very unsure of how to rank the books in this series. I think the first one will always be my favorite because it has much more to do with political intrigue and spying. The second and third books are tied. I loved Annith's devotion to Death, while I loved how untrusting Sybella was. But I'll focus on Mortal Heart here. There were several things that disappointed me upfront. I read this book through a physical copy and also with an audiobook (yay long commute). In the pages that I read in the physical copy I found several typos and the use of the phrase "turnip truck" which is so out of context for the time period it made me stop and stare. The beginning of this book is also slow, and doesn't make sense until much later when the reader comes to understand why Annith spent so much time with the hellequin and the the Arduinnites. I guessed all three Big Reveals. But honestly, I don't mind when that happens. I'm an avid reader. It's an incredibly clever book that can make me go "No way! That's so cool!" these days. It may seem like I'm dumping on this book, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Seeing the three heroines come together was very cool, and I liked how the other heroines had been on their own big missions within the time of this last book as well, which is something I think other books who do similar things fail with. Sometimes it feels like these uber-cool, active characters are put in stasis from the end of their book to the next time they show up. I also really enjoyed Balthazar and Annith. There was a growing chemistry with them that I enjoyed, especially since it could have been so easy for it to have been insta-love since this is the first man Annith has ever really spent time with. All in all, a good read!

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars (Perhaps closer to 3.75)
Up Next: The Rose Society by Marie Lu

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