Saturday, January 2, 2016

If You Only Knew

Here we are: the final review of the day. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows of my adoration for Kristan Higgins. I read mostly young adult novels, but when I stray, it's to Higgins. Her romance books are chock-full of humor and cringe-inducing awkward interactions, and some very fun secondary characters. This book is slightly different from her other ones, in that it's more chick-lit than romance, focused less on romance than other things. Oh, right, I need some pith up here. Umm...actually, I've got nothing. Just pretend I said something funny or interesting. On with the review!

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Jenny Tate designs wedding dresses in Manhattan, but she's moving to be closer to her sister soon. And after she delivers her ex-husband's new wife's baby at the baby shower, the move can't come soon enough. She needs space to detach from her ex and his perfect life and perfect new family. And the landlord who lives just below her with his angry old dog might be the perfect distraction. And if that doesn't work, she can look after her sister's adorable triplets. Rachel is the full-time mom of Charlotte, Grace, and Rose, and she loves every day of it. Sure, she may be exhausted, but she tries really hard to make sure her girls grow up in a loving, invigorating environment, and she makes an effort not to let herself go. Her husband certainly still seems interested. That is, until she catches him sexting, and her perfect life is shattered.

This book was so sad and so relatable. Jenny has a hard time distancing herself from her ex, and can't even bring herself to hate him and his new wife because they don't have the decency to be horrible people. She looks at every guy as a possible The One, to her detriment. And her mother is a real piece of work. But it was Rachel's struggle that really got me. It really highlighted the struggle of being a mom who devoted everything to her kids, still made an effort to be attractive to her husband, and then had her heart broken. But it's not so easy to walk away from someone when you have three kids who you want to know their dad and grow up in a two-parent household. Add to that, that she hasn't worked in years and it's hard to get a job after a long gap, and it's not a cut and dry situation. Her guilt at maybe being part of the reason her husband cheated, and her hope that they can work things out, is so so so sad. I really liked this book, even though it made me so sad. It had some really funny moments which lightened the sad, with Higgins' signature secondary characters and awkwardness. I really want to get her next installment in the Blue Heron series.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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