Friday, January 22, 2016

Anything for You

Yep, another Kristan Higgins book! I know, so soon. But she had two out pretty close together and I couldn't resist. This is the fifth installment (and I think perhaps the last) in the Blue Heron series, which takes place in Manningsport, New York. Actually, I just looked it up, and it is the final book in the series. This makes me so sad, but I do hope she starts writing a new series about a quirky little town because she's awesome at it.

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Conor O'Rourke has been in love with Jessica for most of his life. They've dated off an on for more than a decade, always in secret. So when he gets down on one knee, he expects the answer to be yes. When it's not, he's stunned. Jessica has always kept her heart closed off. Everyone in her life has let her down. Plus, she has her brother to look after now that mom's gone and dad's run off to who knows where. She doesn't need another complication in her life. but Conor has always been good at worming his way through her defenses.

I have always had a weird relationship with the back story that goes into this series. There is often about 100 pages of back story, and while I love it because it's well written, sometimes it's made me wonder if perhaps the story should have started back here instead of hopping back for a quarter of the book. This book deals with it in a different way, actually dividing it up and making a sort of timeline that seems less like a flashback. I liked it, although some of it seemed a little stilted and I could have used a bit more of their courting before present day. But as usual, Higgins won me over with her delightful secondary characters and the town of Manningsport. Also, Conor's a chef so I basically salivated my way through his chapters. And then there was the Big Problem. I saw what was going to happen, but not in the "Oh I guessed the twist it's no longer interesting" sort of way. More like the "oh god, he's trying to do the right thing and it's going to be a train wreck of good intentions" sort of way. It got my heart pumping, waiting for it to happen, and I was heartbroken when it did. There were a couple things that didn't seem right to me (spoiler alert), the biggest one being that Jess bought a house, a house that was perfect for her that she always wanted, and then sold it right away to move into Conor's place in the end. I thought the better compromise would be for him to move in with her. I dunno, it bugged me. But over all, loved it, can't wait for her next book!

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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