Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I love audiobooks. They mean I can do things like wash the dishes and tidy my home while also getting some reading done. Of course, it means they can also produce days like yesterday, where I sat on the couch, alternating between listening to Splendor by Anna Godbersen and watching Madam Secretary. By the way, loving that show. It doesn't hit me in the gut like West Wing does, but I'm quite enjoying it! Well, I've been posting enough reviews lately I don't have much else to say about my life. On with the review.

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Elizabeth is married and pregnant with another man's child, and her sister Diana has run to Cuba to follow her love, Henry. His wife Penelope has her eye set on the Prince of Bavaria, and Carolina Broad is enjoying her inherited wealth while hiding her true origins from her beau Leland. It's summer in Manhattan, 1900, and the rich families of the island are ready to see the last chapter in the saga of these socialites.

Okay, I want to reiterate: I like these books because I like social intrigue and hearing about old-timey fashions. The plots of these books were really simple, but they were good fun. Spoilers follow. I found it completely believable that Diana didn't end up with Henry. I know a lot of people were annoyed by this, because she spent the last 2 books pining for him. However, I saw it as, as her horizons were broadened, she realized she wanted more from life than being with a guy. Could she have handled the situation with Henry better? Yes of course. I still found it believable. I liked what happened to Penelope. She has won every battle she put her mind to, but when faced with something she really wanted and someone who was just as manipulative as she was, she lost. She got a taste of her own medicine and I liked that it brought her back to earth a bit. Do I think it will stick? Probably not. I also like what happened with Carolina. She needed to see that lying was not the right way to start a marriage. Leland also nearly beat Tristan to death, so does she really want to marry him? Better she ends with her sister. The thing that did bother me was Elizabeth's story. I wanted to hear more about how Snowden was responsible for Will and her father's deaths. Also, she was only able to kill Snowden because she was "possessed" by Will's spirit? Yeah, no. Let her have her own agency. She can be mad at this guy on her own and kill him that way. So, overall I found this a nice end to the series. It's fluff and fun and I think I'll read Bright Young Things soon.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars (More like 3.5)
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