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Another day, another book. I have now finished Lauren DeStefano's Chemical Garden trilogy! Before getting to my review, I'd like to make an observation about setting up a home for the first time after graduating from college: it's amazing how much fun you have have for so much money. Maybe I'm just weird, but I did get really happy when I found a pretty soap dispenser for the bathroom, and when I figured out how to fit everything in the closet with my new hangers. Of course there are some pressing issues to not having a dining room table. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against eating on the couch, but one day I'm going to tip my plate with marinara sauce the wrong way and then I won't be able to enjoy bingeing on Parks and Rec because the couch looks like a murder scene.

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Housemaster Vaughn has finally alienated the most important person in his world: his son Linden. When Rhine ends up in the hospital and Cecily joins her soon after, Linden must choose between the father who's been his whole world, and the women who are and were wives. Rhine finally has allies in tracking down her brother, who's bombing research hospitals in her name. But when she finds him she might stumble on a truth that's too much for her to handle, a secret that's tied to her heterochromatic eyes.

I'll say this right up front: I liked this book much more than Fever. Where I had to struggle through Fever because nothing was happening and there didn't seem to be a plot, this one had stuff happen! Some of it I didn't understand why it got the page space it did, but that's better than nothing. I now firmly believe this could have been a two book series. Fever (and the character of Maddie) was pretty unnecessary. You could have taken the beginning and ending and put them in Wither or Sever and had a much tighter series. Anyway, my suspicions about Housemaster Vaughn were proved right, and you actually get to see him be evil. DeStefano still did that thing where she refers to something from a past book that was summarized instead of shown, but it didn't bother me as much because there was more action happening in the present. Characters talked a lot more and I really liked Reed. There were some downsides to this story though. One: I didn't believe Rhine's quick turn around on Vaughn. I know she didn't make a complete 180, but even the amount she did begin to believe him seemed too quick. And the switch to a focus on the cure was jarring after two books focused on escape. And Gabriel vanished from this book. And that's all I can think of right now.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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