Friday, September 18, 2015


Yeah, I sorta forgot to post for a few days. In my defense, I did move to a different state in that time, so I've been rather busy. You know my story with the Luxe books: I never really wanted to read them, but it kept popping up in recommended lists, so I finally read the first one and ended up liking it. Now here we are at the third book, Envy.

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It's been two months since Elizabeth Holland returned to Manhattan, her heart broken. Two months since Penelope Hayes married Henry Schoonmaker. Carolina Broad is the ward of a rich bachelor and Diana Holland's love has abandoned her for a loveless marriage. With the who's who of Manhattan heading to Florida to escape the winter cold, passions ignite, secrets are revealed, and hearts are broken.

Mmmm social intrigue. It satisfies me so much. And pretty clothes. These are pleasant books, easy to consume and fun. This book was different because it moved the characters to Florida where they relaxed in even more luxury than before. That was certainly interesting, with the beach censors squawking any time a woman showed any skin on their legs, but women danced with busboys at night and no one cared. I felt so bad for Elizabeth in this book. Everyone is insisting she just get over her broken heart, and she can't. Diana is coming more into her own now. She's stronger, able to push aside her love of Henry more easily, although that doesn't stop her from falling into the trap of hope from time to time. Henry....I lost all respect for him in this book. He seemed so noble at the end of Rumors, sacrificing his happiness so Diana wouldn't be ruined. But he's just a coward. I'm not sure he deserves Diana when it comes down to it. Penelope got more layers in this book, which I appreciated. Yeah, overall another pleasant installment in the Luxe series. I just ordered the fourth and final book so we'll see how this all wraps up!

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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