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I held off on reading The Luxe for a long time because I felt I'd had enough of books with girls in dresses on the front. But it kept popping up as a recommendation for me on Goodreads and Amazon, so I figured why not give it a try. I ended up really liking it! It's got a bunch elements I adore: social intrigue, detail to fashion, sass, and backstabbing. While it's light on character development and there isn't as much dialogue as I'd like, I really enjoyed sitting back and diving into New York in 1899 where the dresses are imported and the rich spend their days socializing.

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New York's aristocracy has been mourning the death of Elizabeth Holland for several months. But now the holiday season is upon them, and they can't help but turn their minds to other pursuits. Henry Schoonmaker is in need of a new bride, and there are many willing candidates. Penelope Hayes is willing to do whatever it takes to marry him, even if it means leaving people ruined in her wake. Diana Holland wants to be with him for his free spirit and the connection they made while Henry was engaged to her sister. Meanwhile, Lina Broud is low on money, and no money means no way to fit in with the high brow people she's admired since she was a maid in the Holland household. She wants to become just like Elizabeth was, for Elizabeth captured the heart of Will, who Lina had been in love with. If she can do it, she can travel west and show Will that he could love her as he'd loved Elizabeth. But there's one small catch: Elizabeth is alive.

Oh the drama. Elizabeth wanted Will but was engaged to Henry who wanted Diana even though he'd previously had trysts with Penelope who wanted Henry when he was with Elizabeth and found out about Elizabeth and Will from Lina who wants Will. It's this lovely, tangled web, interspersed with beautiful clothes and delicious food and dances and operas. Honestly, this book was just fun to read. And I didn't expect the ending. It hit me in the heart and I couldn't believe it had happened. This book won't blow you away with its intricacies and examinations of the human experience. But if you're like me and adore social intrigue in books, like what happens at court in fantasy novels, then you'll enjoy this book. I absolutely will read Envy. My same complaints for the first book remain, in that there wasn't enough dialogue and the characters didn't develop much throughout the book past their role in the web. But, there was change between the books that made complete sense, so it's something. These are the only things keeping this book from being rated five stars.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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