Monday, July 6, 2015


A lot of the books I'm reading this summer are ones I've had for a while, either because every time I picked them up, a great new shiny book came out that I just had to read, or because this last year has been so busy that my reading has fallen by the wayside. Well, Deception was a book I got for Christmas, the sequel to Defiance by C.J. Redwine. Tonight I had to call the IRS (surprisingly painless!) so while I was on hold I dug deeper into this book, and after my call, finished it. I apologize if this review is shorter than normal--my home has because its usual afternoon sauna and it's making me sleepy even though I'm sitting in front of a fan with an ice pack on the back of my neck.

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Baalboden is in ruins. What remains of its citizens have chosen Logan to lead them, and his first priority is to get them to safety. With the Commander coming for their stolen tech, the Cursed One lurking below their feet, and malcontents among the citizens, danger closes in from all sides. Rachel is fiercely loyal to Logan, but the deaths of so many people she cares about has taken its toll. She's becoming reckless with her life, and its not escaping Logan's notice. As the remnants of Baalboden's people travel through the Wasteland in search of safe haven, the danger presses closer and threatens to wipe out was is left of the once proud city-state.

I don't remember what I rated Defiance when I read it. I do remember liking it more than I expected, because of Rachel's raw emotions. Well those remain a reason I like this book. I also like the interplay of Logan trying to get his people on his side, as some of them still view the Commander as their true leader, others don't like that there are Tree People with them, and others don't trust Logan's judgment. This is all nice. The book moves at a quick clip with very little down time. But there were things that bothered me. The world still doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand where the Cursed One came from, and why if this is post apocalyptic humans have reverted to swords. Where did gun technology go? Honestly, this book would have been really cool written as a steampunk or something because then I wouldn't have had to think about what leftovers from the modern world could reasonably still be around. Also, I saw the twist coming long before it happened, and I judged Logan, who's supposed to be really smart, for not seeing it. I honestly have no idea where the final installment is headed, so that's kind of cool! Anyways, I think I'll go take a nap.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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