Saturday, June 27, 2015

City of Lost Souls

I have had City of Lost Souls on my shelf for...well jeez, at least a year. And I picked it up and promised to read it more times than I can remember. I am SO CLOSE to being finished with Cassandra Clare's two shadowhunters series. I dunno, I started out loving them and then somewhere along the way they got really long and filled with too many declarations of love, and I got kinda bored and discovered that Maggie Stiefvater is basically a goddess with a typewriter. So yeah, she's sorta in the middle of my list of books to read. But anyway, I've been incredibly busy at work (that's right, you heard me! I got me an adult job) so it looks like this summer's reading project is getting off to a slow start. But I shall prevail!

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Lilith is gone, and the shadowhunters are safe again. That is, until it turns out Sebastian isn't dead, and he manages to bind Jace to him so that one can't be killed without the other dying. Understandably, Clary and the rest of the New York Institute are shattered and trying to find a way to save him. This involves trying a lot of things that don't end up working, and Clary deciding to go to Jace once she figures out where he is, but without any real plan to save him.

So, yeah, not my most elegant book description. I'm sorry, but it's in the 90s here in the pacific northwest and I am basically melting even with a fan blowing on me and ice packs strapped to my neck and back. And I just got off a week of work. And did I mention I finished reading a huge ass book? Seriously, why are Clare's books this long these days? They really don't need to be. This was a 535 page book that could have been cut to 300-350. I promise I didn't actually dislike this book. I'm just disappointed in Clare. Present in CoLS are some of the things I love about the shadowhunter world: vivid descriptions, cool paranormal world, and some dialogue that makes me laugh out loud (hard to do). But....there's all this stuff in between. Clary spends time with Jace when he's possessed and feels conflicted. She spends time with Sebastian and feels conflicted. Maia and Jordan feel conflicted. Simon and Isabelle are conflicted. Mangus and Alec...well you see where I'm going. Somewhere along the way these became character books rather than action books...and I'm sad about it. Clare can write steamy and she can write sad, but she is also pretty good at writing action! And I miss the snappiness of City of Bones. Maybe I'm too used to this world now. I have read 8 of Clare's books after all. Ah well. 8 down, 1 to go.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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