Monday, May 11, 2015

The House of Hades

Actually, I finished this book last week, but I'm just getting around to reviewing it now. I adore Rick Riordan. If you don't believe me, see the other, like, 10 reviews of his books I've done on this blog. He always has a cool twist on mythology, and he can make me laugh which is hard to do when you're a writer! Comedy is hard writing. So if you aren't interested in reading a positive review of the penultimate book in his Heroes of Olympus series, I suggest exiting out now. In other news, life is good, but very busy. Funny, huh? I graduate and yet life still manages to get busy. Well, here we go.

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The Athena Parthenos has been rescued from Arachne, but in the process Annabeth and Percy fell into Tartarus. They have to make their way through a land that slowly kills them to the Doors of Death if they ever want to see the mortal world again. Helping them along is a Titan named Bob and his sabre-toothed kitten, Small Bob. Back in the mortal realm, the rest of the demigods on the quest are making their way to the House of Hades so they can help get Annabeth and Percy out of Tartarus. But with Gaea throwing her enemies at them to halt their journey, it isn't easy. Piper, Jason, Leo, Frank, Hazel, and Nico will have to become bigger, better, and more powerful if they hope to get to the Doors on time.

Ahh so many times in this book I laughed. A Titan named Bob? A sabre-toothed kitten named Small Bob? Like all Rick Riordan books, this book was packed with action. Riordan utilizes his technique of singling out one of his ensemble cast and giving them a couple chapters to deal with a task on their own, and each person in their own way saves the rest. Then in the end they all come together with their new-found skills to beat the Big Bad. It's a formula, sure, but it's a fun one! Several things stood out to me. 1) This book was much more about character development than achieving new powers. Each character doubts their usefulness,  and has to confront it in a very real way. 2) Percy in particular gets darker in this book. Perhaps it's because of being in Tartarus, but this generally happy go smiley guy has to shoulder a lot of pain and responsibility, and we get to see him perhaps take that pain too far in dealing with his enemies. 3) Leo and Calypso. Ship them all the way. Can't wait to see her in Blood of Olympus.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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