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It's taken me a few years, but I finally finished the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver, now the fifth book of hers I've read. This comes on the tail of some incredible news: it's almost midterms. HOW is that possible? I don't understand, really, how time manages speed up like this. It's even more upsetting now because I'm in my last quarter of school so it feels like things are ending. I'm keeping busy of course, and trying to read more than I did last quarter to prevent the inevitable binge-reading that would leave my eyes sore for days. Anyways, back to Requiem!

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There is all-out revolution against the people who have cured love, and Lena is right at the heart of it. She's travelling to a camp of resisters with her own group which includes her boyfriend Julian and her still-alive ex-boyfriend Alex. Tensions are high and something is going to snap between the three of them, and soon. At the same time Hana Tate is set to marry Fred Hargrove, mayor of Portland. She should be content, but she's not. And she's worried it might be because the cure didn't work perfectly on her. She still dreams, and she still remembers feelings she used to have. As her wedding day draws near, so does the revolution.

There are very few times I've gotten to the end of a book and thought "Wow this could have really used an epilogue." But Requiem doesn't wrap up its loose ends. And I felt like they really needed to be. What happened to the US after the walls between the Wilds and the Valid cities came down? Is the cure gone for good? What happens to all the cured people? I also wasn't really emotionally invested in who Lena chose to be with. This story was much more about the revolution than romance, which is odd considering the first book is basically about falling in love. But that's not a huge issue for me. Overall, it was a pleasant read. As always, Oliver delivers beautiful scenes and nice details. Her characters are flawed and things aren't perfect. I liked reading Hana's cured perspective a bit more than Lena's. I wished there had been some sort of resolution to the story that delivered on relationships and the future. Honestly that's my biggest complaint about this book. I wanted to know what happened after, and I didn't get to.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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