Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reasons I Love Jubilee Chase

I realized a while ago that I hadn't done a post like this in a while. And since I just finished off This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner, I figured I could talk about my liking for Jubilee Chase, hardened soldier on the war-torn planet of Avon.
  • She's tough as nails. The girl isn't called Stone-Faced Chase for nothing. She runs toward the fires to help people, she can shoot like nobody's business, she can take a hit or two or ten. She's is logical and calculating and I just love that.
  • She can read people. I really really wish I could read people the way Jubilee does. She notices the shifting of a leg, the twitch in the jaw, the slight dilation of pupils so she knows how to talk to people, how to make them angry, how to know what they're feeling. So jealous.
  • She doesn't do insta-love. By the end of the book she hasn't fallen hopelessly in love with Flynn. She just wants to have the chance to live on a planet where finding out if she could is possible. When she sees him he's gorgeous and strong and can keep up with her. But she doesn't fall head over heels and lose all brain function. It's nice.
  • She understands the limits of loyalty. When it comes to life and death situations, she knows that there are people who will follow you into the darkness, and people who won't. And she doesn't judge those who don't because she knows what it's like not to want to die. She sees that people are different (although her mind needs stretching about the rebels at first) and that each person has their own motivations. And she knows that at some point you need to not blindly follow just because you want to.
  • She is capable of changing her mind. See my comment about the rebels. She at first has a very militaristically painted view of the rebels on Avon. But once she gets to know Flynn and hear their side of the argument she starts to work toward a goal that is different than just maintaining the ceasefire for the military. She wants to bring the goals of both sides together because she knows that there's not just two sides to any argument.
As you can see, Jubilee is one tough cookie. She is flawed and she is tough and she made reading This Shattered World a pleasure. I'm adding her to my list of kickass heroines.

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