Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sarah J Maas Book Tour

This week has been chaotic. I'm moving into my apartment and there's been building furniture and trying to decide which kitchen stuff I can't live without and packing and unpacking and oi. I'm tired, people. But! Last night I got to go to a book signing.

I love book signings. And I really need to start bringing some sort of laptop or ipod or some other wifi device so I can live tweet them. I love meeting authors and hearing them talk about their process. Even though I've been published and am working as an editor, there's still that element of peeking at the wizard behind the curtain.

Last night I trekked to a book signing that had Sarah J. Maas, author of the Throne of Glass series, Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles, and Mandy Hubbard, author of over 10 stand alone novels.

Now, I've met Marissa Meyer before, and as usual I was charmed by her quiet humor. She talked about how she hates picking names for characters, how she loves to outline, and how she tries to find something she understands or likes about each of her characters, even the villains.

Mandy Hubbard I have an old past with. Way back when I was querying Griffin's Song, I entered a pitch contest on YAtopia that was hosted by Mandy. I was a finalist, too! She said she loved True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle growing up, and GS reminded her of it. I think I ended up getting a form rejection, and I looking back I'm glad. Griffin's Song was not ready to be agented. Still isn't, now that I'm rewriting it. But being a finalist in that contest made me so happy. It made me think I was doing something right. It was motivation to keep trying.

And, for the author I've wanted to meet since I read Throne of Glass back in 2012. Sarah J. Maas. Rambly and cute and a chocolate lover, I loved hearing this woman speak. She talked about killing off her friends' bullies in her books, and how she came to love reading again. What most struck a chord with me though was when she talked about how she felt like she had two sides - the one who liked traditionally "girly" things like nail polish and cute boys, and the one who liked traditionally "boy" things like star wars and indiana jones. She said she felt like she had to choose between the two sides when she was in high school. It wasn't until later she realized she didn't.

One of the things I love about her MC Celaena is her ability to be badass and "girly." She loves a good dress and sparkly things, but she could kill you before you could blink.

I see a lot of myself in Celaena. I love shopping and makeup and I adored Barbies growing up. But I also went hiking and rock climbing, and to this day I geek out over anything Sherlock or Doctor Who or Firefly. I don't care if my shoes get dirty walking on soft grass. I did gaming for 6 years at my old barn, and there's nothing delicate about horseback riding.

It was such a fun signing, and I got to talk to all three authors and get two books signed. Happy sigh.

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