Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Weirdly Perfect Moment

I turned 21 recently. Yeah, I know, I'm basically a baby. Anyway, I recently had my birthday and things didn't go according to plan. It turned out all right, though, with my parents, SO, and I going to a nice bar with a view to die for. I had my first legal drinks!

And we were lifting our glasses to toast when it happened. Something I hope to never forget. My dad said "Write drunk." And without missing a bit I lifted my glass in response and said "Edit sober." And my SO and mother looked at us like we were crazy, and we clinked glasses.

This moment has stuck in my head since my birthday. It was so perfect. It somehow encapsulated how I've grown since I first sat down to write my first book way back before my senior year of high school. I've grown up a lot since then in so many ways. I'm almost done with college, which is impossible to believe. I'm planning on grad school and I've studied in England. I've read hundreds of books and gotten my first job as an editor, and then my second job as one. I've learned so much.

Before this all gets too sappy, I just want to say how happy I am to be an editor. Before I discovered this business I was a little lost. I'd previously wanted to be a jockey and a country star and an astronaut and a high school history teacher. But nothing felt quite right. Until I found out about editing and the community of people who adore the written word as much as I do.

So, tonight, raise a glass and toast with me. Write drunk...

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