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I love Maggie Stiefvater. I grovel at her writerly feet. I would read any napkin she wrote on, any receipt she doodled on. Her words are poetry, but not in a boring way. Her books are populated with images we see thousands of times but never realized how they were beautiful. I fawned over the cover of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Anyway, all this is to say that I finished reading the third book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. I started it in Hawaii, but due to a ridiculously late flight that left me almost catatonic with exhaustion, I didn't finish it until today.

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Sam was a wolf and is now a boy. Grace was a girl and is now a wolf. Cole struggles to find a permanent cure for being a werewolf, but he can't do it fast enough. The town of Mercy Falls thinks Sam is a killer and kidnapper, and Tom Culpeper has gotten the go ahead for one last massive hunt of the wolves.

I never know what to put in my synopses of Stiefvater's books. When I write it down it seems so small. These books are character studies more than a paranormal romance. They are strung together beautiful moments that make you ache and look at the world in awe. They are not tense. This book will not make you cry like her others will (Looking at you, The Dream Thieves). If I looked at this book like any other I would say that Sam is whiny and his love of Grace doesn't make sense. I would say things take a long time to get moving, and then the climax is over in a very short time. But I can't look at Stiefvater's books that way. I'm blinded by the scene where Sam goes to pick up a human Grace and finds only her dress and some shoes because she shifted. I'm taken in by how much I love and hate Isabel, how sad I am that Olivia died, and how angry I am at Grace's parents for giving her so much freedom and then punishing her when she uses it. This book has flaws. I still liked it. I'm still champing at the bit for Blue Lily, Lily Blue. I still love Stiefvater. End of story.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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