Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reasons I Love Zuzana

I realized I haven't done one of these in a while! Today's character that I love is Zuzana, spunky sidekick to Karou the Resurrectionist in Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I just finished reading this series yesterday so it's perfect. She's fresh in my mind, although who could forget Zuzana? I certainly can't, and here's why:

  • She's loyal. Fiercely loyal to Karou, this girl goes to extreme lengths to help her friend. She flies to Morocco, she helps with resurrections, she helps hide Chimaera from nosy room service guys, she defends Karou from her stiff grandmother, she invites her to Christmas. She lets nothing get between happiness and Karou if she can help it. She sacrifices personal comfort to make her friend smile, and travels to another world to help her fight a rebellion. That is some serious loyalty, and I love her for it.
  • She's fierce. Her nickname is neek-neek, after the scorpion aspect chimaera. She's given this name by actual chimaera because of her personality and don't-give-me-any-crap-I'll-dish-it-way-better-than-you attitude. She becomes loved for it, and it helps her stand up to some serious foes. She sees angels dismembered in front of her, and she stays sane. I love her fierceness, especially when it's paired with her loyalty.
  • She's whimsical. She has given her boyfriend Mik the task of completing three heroic tasks before she'll allow him to propose to her. A theme in these books is that fairy tales aren't real, and if they are they are seriously dark. Zuzana is whimsical enough to want to believe in fairy tales, and practical enough to tell Mik he's fulfilled one task when he fixed the air conditioning in their hotel room in Morocco. It's a softer side to her that I enjoyed, and it made me smile when she declared Mik's three tasks complete.
  • She's got a great eyebrow lift. Oh my god. There's a scene where she out-eyebrow-lifts a snooty concierge in a five star hotel when she and Mik come in wearing the same clothes they've had on for weeks. It's fantastic. It had me laughing and smiling in vicious pleasure. And she uses this same eyebrow lift against Karou's grandma. Ahhhh it's great.
  • She loves chocolate. Chocolate chocolate everywhere. I totally empathize with Zuzana when she thinks the least she deserves after all she's gone through is a little chocolate. And it's never there! I am a huuuuge chocolate fan. Seriously, melt it, stick it in a pastry bag and shove it in my mouth. I really hope Zuzana has infinite chocolate for the rest of her days.
And that's why I love Zuzana! I also love Karou, but for some reason petite Zuzana really stuck in my mind. What do you think of her? Sound off in the comments!

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