Monday, July 28, 2014


Not many people in my life are avid readers. And even when they are, it is rare that they read the same type of books I do. So when someone comes along who does read YA, I turn fangirly and scare them away with my excitement.

One awesome thing that has come about recently is that my SO has started reading a lot. He came to me one day and said he wanted a hobby. I suggested reading. And...he started reading. We went through my bookcase one day and I recommended like ten books I thought he would like. I went with everything from Code Name Verity to Fault in Our Stars to Seraphina and beyond. So far he's read four of them.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

The last few weeks I've been getting nervous about what I plan to do after graduation. It's coming up so soon. I'm graduating early, did I mention that? And in the fall I'm applying to grad school, which, if I get in where I want to go, means moving to New York. And I'm getting nervous. It's such a big step.

But talking to my SO about the books I recommended which I personally loved, and hearing that he loved them reminded me of the reason I love being in publishing. I love helping to make books people enjoy. I love knowing something I've had a hand in makes someone smile or cry etc.

Now, I didn't edit the books I recommended, but for some reason this still made me fall in love with publishing all over again. Now I just have to wait for the grad school applications to open. Gulp.

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