Monday, June 23, 2014

The One

I am sunburned and sore from canoeing. Yesterday my SO and I went out on the water and saw some lovely baby ducks and some really pretty water lilies. And then we went home, broke open a pint of raspberry sorbet, and collapsed into near-unconscious states. I used this time to read The One by Kiera Cass. This is the last book in The Selection Trilogy, so beware of spoilers.

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America Singer has finally decided between Prince Maxon and her childhood sweetheart Aspen. This means she has to commit to the idea of being Princess of Ilea and somehow not get kicked out of the palace by the king. Meanwhile the southern rebels are getting more and more vicious, calling for a shutdown of the Selection with deadly consequences if it continues. America still has to contend with the other three members of the Elite who all want Maxon's hand as well. It would be much easier if she hated them, but they're almost like sisters to her now.

I loved The Selection despite its difficulties in picking a genre. I loved that America seemed like a nice girl willing to get in trouble if it meant she could do the right thing. And I loved the competition between the girls because it seemed so wrong and similar to the Hunger Games. The Elite left me hoping the last book in the trilogy would be better. The One didn't quite hit the level of The Selection, but it was certainly better than The Elite. America doesn't wiffle waffle between Maxon and Aspen in this one. Her struggle is more about feeling comfortable enough to express her feelings to him when there are three other girls still competing for his love. I ended up liking the mean character of Celeste in this book much more than in the other two. There were sections of telling where there should have been showing, but I didn't mind so much. This book is a nice, easy read. I was sort of disappointed that there wasn't much resolution with the southern rebels, and I would have liked the part of the northern rebels to be more fleshed out. But on the whole it was a nice read for a lazy afternoon.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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