Monday, June 2, 2014

Reasons I Love June Iparis

I broke down and bought a book over here. Finals week has begun, and as usual I need to binge a little to stay sane. I can't believe I'm almost done with my junior year at University. It's flown by and I've had such a good time. There have been some lows of course. Losing my job and my novel coming off the shelves after only two months of publication when Entranced closed was horrible. But I've tried to stay optimistic. I've been querying and looking for a new job ever since. I should have some news on that front for you soon. But some awesome things have happened too. Like coming to England. But anyway, that is a post for another time. Right now I just wanted to say that I haven't finished reading my current book, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, but I'll have a review for you soon. For today I'm going to explain why I love June Iparis from Marie Lu's Legend series.
  • She's a genius. There's a reason she's considered the prodigy of her school. One of the things I said in my review of Legend was how I loved the little days she picked up on when she was looking for Day. It reminded me of Tamora Pierce's Aly, who I adore. I wish I could pick up on stuff like that. I've been trying to Sherlock people on the Underground, but it's hard to when everyone's trying so hard not to look at each other.
  • She doesn't let love make her an idiot. Hate it when this happens. Hate hate hate. When a character is all smart and then HORMONES. But June doesn't do this. Yes, love affects how she looks at the world and that eventually leads to her thinking differently about the regime she works for, but she still isn't dumb. She maintains a mostly-cool head so she can save those she loves.
  • She makes sacrifices. I won't spoil Champion for those of you who haven't read it, but June is willing to give things up so others will be happy. And not in a I'm-a-martyr-hear-me-roar way.
  • She has an awesome dog. Maybe I'm just missing my puppy because I haven't been home in so long, but I love Olly to this day. Again, not to spoil Champion but Olly was such an important part of the story for me. He was innocence and a representation of June's old life before things fell apart. And he's friendly. I like that.
  • She doesn't trust easily. Even when she likes someone she doesn't automatically go "Oh, everything they say is true. They couldn't possibly have other motives!" Considering how smart she is, and how unstable her world is and her place in it as well, this made me admire her even more.
So there you have it! Another badass heroine. Have you read Marie Lu's Legend series? What did you think of June?

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