Friday, June 6, 2014

My New Job

After two months of sending out my resume and interviewing, I have accepted a position as an editor at Month9Books!

I was actually planning on building that up a bit more, but I couldn't wait to tell you guys. At the end of March, as you guys know, the publisher I worked for and that Balancing Act was released through closed down. This left me jobless, book-contract-less, and very sad. But I very quickly picked myself up and dusted off.

I've been a fan of Month9Books for some time. I've followed their authors and editors on twitter, and thought I would love to work there. And through some witchery, I now am!

I'm really excited, guys. I'm back in the game, and I'm working for an awesome YA/MG publisher. 

Now, back to work!

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