Sunday, May 4, 2014

What's Up

Hey, everyone! I know I've been pretty MIA over here. Part of the reason is that I don't have any new books to read. Apparently if I buy books on my kindle in the UK, I won't be able to access them when I go back to the States. So...yeah. And I don't have room in my suitcase for all the books I want, so I've been  doing quite a bit of rereading.

Also, I just spent a week in Ireland and Scotland. Talk about awesome. I won't bore you with the details of my trip, but it was great. I'll try to be on here more often. I'll be back in the States soon enough and I'll be getting a lot of the books that have come out since I left.

Umm...some other things that have been happening. I've been working on a new WIP that's been floating around in my brain for about 6 months. I also have been doing some light editing on Poison Ivy. Who knows, maybe I'll finish it this summer!

I've also been querying Balancing Act. No takers so far, but I haven't given up hope.

TL;DR: Life is awesome and so are books. Amazon kindle rules are less amazing

Hope ya'll are having a great time doing whatever you're doing!

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