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Well, I forgot I actually did have a book to review! I read this over two weeks ago, but was too busy with midterms (seriously, that came quick) to review it. Well, now I have the time! I really do love the Underground. It gives you so much time to read. And the nice thing is, everyone around you is reading, too! Of course, most of the time it's on an e-reader or a newspaper, but it's so nice to be surrounded by readers. But I digress. Beware: this is a sequel and so will be spoilery.

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Sophie thought she was a witch, and it was her blasts of huge magic that got her sentenced to Hex Hall, a school for magical delinquents. But then she discovered the truth: she's part demon, a power that could warp her evil at any time. So she's decided to have her powers removed, a process which could potentially kill her. To make her consider all her options, her formerly absentee dad takes her to Prodigium headquarters outside London for the summer, along with her vampire besty Jenna and fiance Cal. But things are still not great. Sophie's ex-crush Archer is in the neighborhood, and he's part of a group who want to kill all Prodigium. Not a great mix for a summer.

I loved the first book in this series, Hex Hall. It was fast paced and witty and I laughed out loud a lot. This book is pretty similar, without the shock factor of putting yourself in a new paranormal world. Demonglass is a short middle book that develops a love V as many books of this period did. I like Archer, and am interested to see why he's still part of the Prodigium killing group. Cal is...nice. I don't know enough about him to form an opinion. And honestly, I had forgotten that he was supposed to be only 19, so when I found out he was engaged to Sophie I went ewwwww until the book reminded me. I'd like to find out more about him. Jenna was probably my favorite part of this book. Obsessed with pink, gay, in love, and hurting over her best friend wanting to go through with the Removal, she had a loooot of good lines, and I understood her anger. Looking forward to Spell Bound.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
Up Next: uhhh maybe Perks of Being A Wallflower?

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