Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reasons I Love Tris Prior

So recently I did a post about how I loved Celaena Sardothien, and it got me thinking that doing posts like that might help me figure out what I like to see in book characters. I don't know if I'll stick this out, but from time to time I think I'll do a post about a character I've loved and why. Today's pick is Tris Prior from Veronica Roth's Divergent series. Maybe I'm just procrastinating on homework. It is dead week after all. And when did that happen? Seriously? Where is time going. But I digress. Why I love Tris Prior:

  • She questions everything. Even when she thinks she's got things figured out, she always wonders if what she's chosen is right. I think this is such an important lesson for young adults since they are at a time in their lives when they are trying to figure out what to do with the next stage of their life when they might not be able to have a family to protect them from the world.
  • She tries to be the right person. Notice that I didn't say she tries to be a good person. Tris accepts that she traded cowardice for cruelty. But she tries to do the right thing in spite of her acknowledged flaws, and maybe works toward not being so cruel when she can.
  • She is not weak. Tris starts the Divergent series as, not a weakling, but weaker than she was. By the time Allegiant comes around she is one of the most badass people around. She still misses targets she shoots at, but she is clever enough to out-think her opponents and then use what physical power she has.
  • She loves, but carefully. I haven't really made up my opinion about sex in YA yet. I'll probably do a post about it when I do. But for now, I want to say that I like how Tris is careful with her heart. It's so easily broken, and often it takes a couple times of being hurt to realize that. But Tris, careful Tris, is smart enough to know love doesn't come instantly, and that if she isn't ready for something physical she doesn't have to do it.
I'll look through my other reviews and see what other characters I've loved in the past. Feel free to comment on what you think of Tris too!

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