Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So Silver Bright

Yeah, I know I've been MIA. But I swear I have a good reason. The last couple weeks of school have been hellishly busy, and I've read so much I've gone to bed with a headache basically every night. Might be time to get my eyes rechecked. But this weekend I had finally gotten a leg up on my work, and I had enough time to read So Silver Bright by Lisa Mantchev. This is the third and final book in the Theatre Illuminata series. Aaand here we go.

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Bertie has survived her ordeal with the Sea Goddess Sedna, and saved Nate. But her last act has yet to be played. Sedna is out for revenge, Bertie's father is missing, the Theatre is in limbo because of Bertie's actions, and it's tearing at the threads of Ophelia's memories. The only hope Bertie has to turn everything right is to answer a summons by Her Gracious Majesty, Queen of the Distant Castle, and win the magical boon to be given to the best performance. Armed with her words, four fairies, and the two men who take up equal shares of her heart, Bertie sets off on the hardest part of her journey.

I think I've already told ya'll this, but I picked up Eyes Like Stars because of the cover. It kept popping up in my recommended Amazon list, and finally I bought it. And I liked it. I found the magic confusing, but I loved the fairies and how Bertie's words came to life. Then in Perchance to Dream I totally didn't understand the world outside the Theatre or the magic. Much the same is true in So Silver Bright (which has a gorgeous cover, wouldn't you agree?). The world outside the Theatre is like taking every time period and mixing them in one big pot. There are steam trains, motorbikes, tunics, old fashioned speaking and much much more, and we are never given an explanation for any of the magic that happens. That being said, I did enjoy reading this book. It mentions all these different musicals and plays, and I was pretty impressed by the number of references I picked up on. And the four fairies were easily my favorite part. Boring love V. Deliciously described food that made me salivate for chocolate. And a few quotes that truly touched me. Quite a mixed bag of a read.

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars
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