Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meeting Marissa Meyer

This happened a while ago now, but I still want to write about it. Marissa Meyer is the author of Cinder and Scarlet and the not-soon-enough to be released book Cress. These were some of my favorite books of the last couple years. She is a PNW writer just like me, and so I feel sorta connected to her. Not in a creepy way, I swear. So when I found out she was giving a talk at a book store near me I was very excited. Even though I'd spent the previous night in the ER, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to meet her. And boy am I glad I did.

I have gotten much better at raising my hand at these things and asking questions. My usual question is "How was the query process for you?" because it's always fun to hear other stories about submissions. Well, Marissa had the dream story. She landed her dream agent quickly and after putting together a submission packet had an offer from one of the Big Publishers like a week. What author doesn't dream of that?

I also asked about her favorite YA books currently and how she chose the fairy tales to base her stories around. She was so nice and fun and she really tried not to give any spoilers about Cress.

Then she had a drawing for a copy of Cress. Another girl named Heather got it. I felt like I was having a heart attack there when they said the first name. And then I just felt sad. Now I have to wait even longer for this awesome book.

Anyway, it was an awesome experience.

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