Sunday, November 10, 2013

Adorned Blog Tour

Today I have with me Georgeann Swiger, author of Adorned, a YA paranormal romance. Adorned is the first book in the Trinity of Souls Series, and was released November 4th through the Rush imprint of Entranced Publishing (my employer). Before you meet the author, here's the summary of the book.

When seventeen-year-old Anya finds out she's actually an angel being trained to protect humanity, she discovers that becoming an angel has nothing to do with winds and halos. For Anya, becoming an angel has to do with death - her death.

Micah, the angelic soldier ordered to protect her until she transitions from human to angel, promises her death will be a glorious experience as long as she follows his rules. But getting Anya through this life and to the next isn't as simple as Micah expects. His job becomes even more difficult after he unwittingly performs a miracle that exposes Anya's hidden angelic light.

With her secret out, Hell's legions begin targeting her. Unfortunately, Hell's minions are the least of Micah's worries. He's more concerned about the forbidden human emotions he's developed toward Anya. Even more troubling, is she seems to love him too. And giving in to those feelings could mean dire consequences for them both.

About the Author:

Georgeann Swiger earned her degree in journalism from West Virginia University, and then spent five years as an anchor/reporter at WBOY-TV in Clarksburg, WV. After having children, she left television news to be a stay at home mom. During that time, she discovered creative writing was more fun than writing about real life tragedy. Imagining interesting characters and having them come to life on the page is now her passion. When she's not writing, she works as a substitute teacher. She lives in Reedsville, West Virginia with her husband, two kids, a beagle dog and a temperamental cat you tries to rule the house.

  1. If you could tell anyone in the world five things about yourself that really define "you," what would they be?
    1. I'm a real life coal miner's daughter. I come from a family full of West Virginia coal miners. My family has been instrumental in keeping the lights on for a lot of people in the U.S.
    2. I'm married to a WV State Trooper. As a trooper's wife, I've heard many gory details about the despicable things people do. I've also found a greater empathy for the victims of crimes.
    3. I'm the mother of two teenagers. Raising a son and a daughter is the most challenging thing I've ever done.
    4. I'm a former television anchor/reporter. Stepping into TV news helped me become more outgoing and willing to take risks.
    5. I'm the owner of a cat and a dog. Surprisingly, being around both has made me realize I'm more of a cat person, maybe because I'm fickle and always already for a nap just like this moody fur ball. :)
  2. What was your inspiration for Adorned?
    I have always loved the concept of forbidden romance and wanted to use it as a catalyst for a story. When I began working on Adorned, angels ended up being my go to paranormal creatures, possibly because I have a collection of angels my husband started for me when we got married. I put my own twist on these angelic beings, by taking away the wings and haloes and making them complicated and complex beings with a special set of rules to follow.
  3. How long did it take you to write the first draft of this book?
    I spent about a year working on the first draft. Then I spent another six months revising it. It was a story that flowed out of me in between substitute teaching and taking care of my family. Finding time to write was an issue when I started. Today, I make time to write.
  4. What is your writing/editing process? Pantser? Outliner?
    I'm a pantser trying to be an outliner. I have a basic outline for the third book in The Trinity of Souls Series. But for some reason, the story isn't matching up exactly with the outline. Characters and situation are popping into the manuscript I can't ignore. I have a habit of turning down dark roads, wondering where I'll end up. For the most part, I find a lot of interesting things by letting a story tell itself.
  5. How did you decide to go the indie/small press route?
    In March 2013, I entered a pitch contest on Twitter. Since Entranced Publishing was interested in YA paranormal romance, I came up with a Twitter pitch and sent it out in between getting dinner ready and washing clothes. I didn't expect to hear anything, but I had nothing to lose. Minutes after pitching, Ashley Christman posted she was interested in the first three chapters. By the next day, I had sent her the whole manuscript and she offered me a contract. This success story occurred a year after I started querying agents. After talking to Ashley and learning about Entranced, I knew signing with a small/indie press was right for me.
  6. What are your favorite YA books overall? Recently?
    I'm a fan of YA paranormal romance. I recently discovered author Jennifer Armentrout. Her book Obsidian is now one of my favorite YA romance novels. What I like about her is not only is she a fantastic writer, she's from West Virginia, the same as me. For some reason, our state gets a bad rap. So it's nice to root for a WV girl and wish her lots of success.
  7. Favorite type of ice cream?
    I live in walking distance of a Dairy Queen. I'd happily eat anything from their menu. Dilly Bars, Blizzards, Mudslides, banana splits, hot fudge sundaes...It's all good.

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