Saturday, October 26, 2013


So you guys may have noticed that I've barely posted this month. And I do apologize for that, because clearly I'm the most important person in your life. Well, here's why I haven't been around lately. It's been a crazy month. With school I'm generally so snowed under I barely have time to read for pleasure. The time I have left I generally try to spend with friends because I was sort of bad at that last year. But I do have some pretty cool news.

The next book I review will be the 100th review on this blog! How crazy is that? Pretty crazy. I'm contemplating doing a giveaway. I'll let you know if it comes to fruition.

And now to the adventure that was last night. I got an infection this week and so was on antibiotics and not feeling too hot. Nothing life threatening or anything, just sorta bleh. Then last night I had sudden, severe, spasming pain in my abdomen that did not go away. I got sick, I could barely stand, all that fun stuff. So last night I ended up in the ER, an IV sticking out of my arm and feeling kind of silly. Because all the tests came back normal. And as I lay there, the pain started going away. My appendix was fine, my kidneys were fine, I was fine.

But it was an interesting night to say the least.

Hope your weekend is less interesting than mine!

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