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Alright, I actually finished this book several days ago, but I have been rather busy and haven't had a chance to review it. I read Paranormalcy by Kiersten White last summer, and followed it up with Supernaturally soon after. I also purchased a copy of Mind Games this year and had it signed by the lovely lady herself. So it's safe to say I'm a Kiersten White fan. I follow her blog and twitter (seriously, she's a hilarious person), and would be more than happy to go to another book signing. But I still waited for Endlessly to come out in paperback.

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Normal is a thing of the past for Evie. She's working at the paranormal diner, trying to decide which college to go to, and figure out that whole I-barely-have-a-soul-and-can-suck-souls-out-of-others thing. Then every bleeping thing hits the fan. The paranormals swear she's the only one who can save them from some unknown fate. She's got the Unseelie queen of the fairies gunning for her, and IPCA is back in Evie's life with a new aggressive supervisor who so doesn't understand Evie's stance on fairies. At least Evie has her boyfriend Lend and vampire bestie Arianna. Otherwise she might just curl up on the color samples for her prom dress and cry.

Oh, Evie's voice. It's so fun. She points out the irony of her own situations, but can also have internal narrative about whether doing the right thing for the wrong people is still a right thing. She is also a bad ass with her rhinestone Taser. My one peeve with this book? It didn't really need to be marketed as a paranormal romance. Yes, there is romance, but it was established in book one who Evie was going to be with. Lend was really his own character in this book. Their love wasn't really in contention. Yes, there were dangerous situations about whether they would live long enough to still be together, but honestly I think it was more about who wanted to kill Evie more. I am really excited to read The Chaos of Stars at some point.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars
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