Monday, September 23, 2013

Crown of Midnight

Even though I've finished my summer reading project, I'm not done reading. Not by a long shot. I recently got a copy of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, sequel to Throne of Glass, and I've been dying to burrow into it. Then I got the chance while resting in my dorm room.

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Celaena Sardothien has beaten the odds and become the King's Champion, the most deadly assassin in the realm of Adarlan, and maybe the world. Yet Celaena is not loyal to her king. She refuses to kill for him, and has been faking the deaths since her appointment. It's a deadly game that, if played poorly, could result in her death and the death of her closest friends. Meanwhile, strange forces are brewing. Magic, gone for ten years, has been trickling into the castle in sinister forms, but she can't figure out how. When Celaena is given a new mission, she must walk an even thinner line to find the answers to the strange things happening in the glass palace. And it just might make her choose who to fight for.

I absolutely loved Throne of Glass when I read it last year. The cover did not even begin to describe how awesome it was. A bad ass assassin competition with a soft love V and witty dialogue?  Sign me up any freaking day of the year. I love Celaena's voice, and the fact that she is a cowardly assassin. She does what is best for herself because she has a hard time making big choices. Even when it comes to the V, she doesn't force things or let herself become a Mary Sue to decide between the two. Oh, and these guys. Can we all just take a moment to swoon over them? Dorian, the crown prince who is easily convinced, smart, and a fool in love. He has his own problems in this book, and they could cost him his life. And Chaol, Captain of the Guard. He gets more depth in this book, with the reader seeing a softer side of him that nicely pairs with his practical voice. We discover more about why he is loyal to the crown, and why he hates his father. He's very swoon worthy. And then finally let us come to the story. I wish we could have learned more about the mechanics of Wyrdmarks, because they're so important, and I'm a huge nerd. There are a lot of plots going at once here: Celaena hiding the deaths of her marks, tracking down the new threat to the king, complications with her friendship with the princess Nehemia, strange occurrences of magic, a possible rebel uprising making strange claims about a lost princess, the Celaena/Chaol/Dorian V, Dorian's problems, Chaol's problems. There's a lot going on, and Maas manages to bounce between the many story lines quite smoothly. I am sooo looking forward to the next book.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

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