Friday, August 16, 2013

Somebody to Love

I just received some news. Apparently this weekend is the busiest of the summer at work. I shall probably not be reading too much. More like collapsing from exhaustion. But all in the line of duty! Yesterday, instead of going to see Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, I stayed in and read a quarter of Ashfall and the rest of Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins.

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Parker has just received some horrible news. Due to her father's jaunt into insider trading, her home, trust fund, and that of her five-year-old son are gone. All she has is a little house up in Gideon's Cove, Maine that was left to her by an aunt. Her plan is to go up there, flip it, and sell it for a nice profit so she has some money. And if she could think of another series idea for her publisher, that would be great too. The only downsides to this? The house is more like a shack, her aunt was a hoarder, and her father's personal lawyer has been assigned to help her flip it. And since James Cahill is the last person she wants to see, and sadly the last person she slept with, this is not good news. If they steer clear of each other, it should be all right though.

I love Higgins' books. They generally aren't heavy on the hanky panky, but that's not why I read them. If I want hanky panky I'll read a Nora Roberts book. No, what I love about Higgins' books are the characters. Every single one of them has unique features, they all intertwine, and their interactions in Gideon's Cove are fantastic. And there's always a rich back story, and ya'll know how much I love a good back story. Of course, this lovely book won't take the place of Fools Rush In or Too Good to Be True (the book that made me rediscover my love of history and was a partial reason in deciding me to major in it). But it was really fun to see the cast from Catch of the Day again (Maggie and Malone). Parker is so wounded from her childhood, but such a trooper for trying to make the best of things. And it was interesting to see the guy be the one mooning after someone. Honestly, it was refreshing. James is a good guy, but he's not perfect. And that's why I loved him.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars
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