Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awakenings Blog Tour

Today I have with me JE Shannon, author of Awakenings, a YA paranormal romance released on July 29th through my employer (and publisher) Entranced Publishing. Before I get to the interview, here's some stuff you should know about this lovely lady and her novel.

Evie Shepard awakens to a nightmare. She's been buried alive and has no idea how or why. As she struggles to remember what happened, she begins to notice changes -- heightened senses, as well as increased speed, agility, and strength. And her heart no longer beats. She soon makes a disturbing discovery: she wasn't buried alive; she was murdered. Somehow, she has come back... and she wants revenge.

About the Author:

J. E. Shannon currently lives in Florida, but is a Missouri native. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and taking care of her small child and two crazy dogs. Visit her at

  1. If you could tell anyone in the world five things about yourself that really define "you," what would they be?
    Hmmm...that's a tough one. First I would have to explain my laughter theory. I firmly believe that you can laugh your way through almost any situation. Case in point, I have to have a biopsy done nearly every year. The first time I had it done, I had the doctors and ultrasound tech laughing so hard the nurse stuck her head into see what was going on. Mainly, I wanted to bring a stress ball, but didn't have one. So I brought one of my daughters rubber ducks. I have the honor of being the first (and so far the only) patient to bring in a duck. It's been a running joke ever since. Laughter is the key to a happy life.

    Other than that I would say that I believe in fair play, in taking chances, being kind to one another, and loving to your fullest. Does that sound Oprah'ish? Maybe more Ellen. Either way it's a good way to live.
  2. What was your inspiration for Awakenings?

    I always cringe when I get this question. Not because it's a bad question, but because the answer is so cliche. I had a dream about a girl who dug herself out of her grave. The dream completely terrified me, but it also stuck with me. Eventually I put a story to that one scene.
  3. How long did it take you to write the first draft of this book?
    About a year. I have a young child, so finding time to write is sometimes difficult. I've made a vow to carve our more time our for writing from now on though.
  4. What is your writing/editing process? Pantser? Outliner?
    Total Pantser. I have the plot all mapped out in my head, though. I have specific scenes that I know I want in the book and everything else just falls into place. I tried making notes and an outline, but afterwards I never went back to look at them. So there really wasn't a point to it. *shrugs* To each their own.
  5. How did you decide to go the indie/small press route?
    I actually won a Twitter contest. There was this contest called Pitch Wars. Contestants submitted their books and mentors to choose their favorites. Mine was chosen by the awesome Fiona McLaren. We worked on the book for a month to get it in the best shape possible, then put it up for agents and publishers to view. The day after that contest was another called PitMad, which was twitter pitches to agents and publishers. In the end my book was requested in full by four agents and two publishers. Ultimately I decided to go with small publishing because I thought it was a good fit for me. The staff at Entranced Publishing have been fantastic about working with me closely. I've learned a lot from them and I think that is really important for a new author.
  6. What are your favorite YA books overall? Recently?
    My favorite YA books was the Hunger Games trilogy. I absolutely tore through those books. They're fantastic. Recently I had The Uglies series by Scott Westerfield recommended to me. I'm on the second one now and am completely hooked.
  7. Favorite type of ice cream?
    I'm so weird when it comes to some things. I love chocolate in my ice cream but can't stand chocolate ice cream. I have no idea why. My current favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough. But my husband recently discovered this sea salt caramel stuff that is amazing. It rocked my chocolate loving world. Now I'm confused. It's like I'm in a love triangle, but with ice cream. I guess there are worse things that happen

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To celebrate her new release, JE Shannon is giving away a Kindle with an ecopy of Awakenings (US only). One runner-up will win an ecopy of Awakenings (open internationally). You can enter here:

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And now an excerpt!:

Lightning strikes the ground, leaving behind a thick, black scorch mark. Within seconds, it strikes a second time, pausing briefly before giving a third earth-shattering blow. I don't see the actual bolts -- all I see is a flash of light, followed by my sister and me running, out of breath and terrified. Another flash, and we are huddled together in a rusted, abandoned car. Another burst of light, and the car door screeches open and we are being ripped away from each other by unfamiliar hands. It's with that final memory that I open my eyes. As soon as I do, something grainy flows into them, so I shut them again.

I can't see, I can't hear; but I can feel that I'm lying on cold earth. The longer I'm awake, the more I become aware of an unbelievable pressure on my chest. Slowly, I realize that it's not just my chest -- my face and body also feel as if I'm being crushed. Oily nausea roils through me, but I clench my teeth to stop myself from panicking. Where am I? I try to move my hands and find they're pinned to my side. I try to open my eyes again and instantly get something in them. I flex my fingers, and the grittiness that slips through them makes me aware of the awful truth -- I have been buried alive.

I let out a shriek, but have to close my mouth as dirt begins to slip past my lips. Struggling frantically, I feel the earth move under my hands. I realize I can't be buried very deep, or the pressure of the dirt would surely have suffocated me by now. I'm astounded it hasn't already, though I have no way of knowing how long I've been underground. I force myself to be still, to stop and think about what I have to do. I need to be very careful getting out, making sure not to cause a cave-in and possibly crush myself. I need to remember to breathe shallowly or I will run out of oxy -- And that's when I realize that I'm not breathing. Not at all.


  1. Thank you SO much for helping out! J.E.

  2. Thanks for the interview :) I love the Uglies series too!